who the heck is zaza?

Having similar backgrounds, dreams, and visions, home girls Cole and Eli come together to put together what is now known as ZAZA (an acronym for Zimbabwe and Angola, a tribute to our origins). ZAZA is an opportunity not just for ourselves, but for other creatives in Scotland to learn, grow and network with like-minded individuals - allowing us all to take a look through each others' lenses and open our minds up some more. 


ZAZA is a magazine, movement and community who's values lie within authenticity and creativity. We aim to showcase and highlight the talent and beauty hiding within the youth of Scotland, which is often overlooked in mainstream media and society. 

Although our focus lies within the arts, we continue to be open and honest about current social issues. We will work towards raising awareness on these topics, as well as providing follow-up ways on how to help, hopefully encouraging our audience to do the same.

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