about us. 

ZAZA, an acronym for Zimbabwe and Angola, the countries where founders Nicole Ndlovu and Sueli Pereira originate from, serves as a platform for talented young people to be showcased and highlighted.

Major subcultures around Scotland are rarely spoken of in mainstream media, ZAZA works to bring these subcultures to the forefront of Scottish media, cultivating a safe community and space for Scotland's creative youth.

ZAZA will embrace stories overlooked, the newest and upcoming artists, designers and creators. We are a visionary platform.

Although our focus lies in arts and culture, we won't ever limit ourselves. We strive to encourage our contributors to be open and honest with current social issues and work towards raising awareness, as well as follow-up ways on how to help.


ZAZA Founder and Creative Director

Sueli Pereira 


ZAZA Founder and Editor

Nicole Ndlovu


ZAZA Photographer

Andrew Martin


ZAZA Graphic Designer

Bianco Santos