Updated: Nov 3

flick by Steez. @madebyandrrew

ZA: Names and Nicknames?

Raheel: My name is Raheel…and people call me Raheel!

ZA: What do you do this for?

Raheel: I do it as self-expression.

ZA: What’s your favourite song that you’ve ever made and why?

Raheel: I only have one song released, and it means a lot to me because it’s my first released song. It showed me that I can really just start doing music, it pushes me.

ZA: What and who are your influences in music? 

Raheel: Female rappers that do their thing regardless of criticism. For example, Ruby Rose and Coi Leray.

ZA: Favourite album of all time? 

Raheel: ‘Over It’ by Summer Walker. I love her style of music a lot. It’s just nice vibes.

ZA: Is there a certain demographic of people that you want to reach with your music?

Raheel: I guess my music is for anyone that enjoys it. Specifically people that are into expressive music.

ZA: What would you say to yourself 5 years from now?

Raheel: I’d tell myself to keep going, no matter where I’m at. Make it out the hood, and if I do, stay out the hood. I’d ask what kept me going especially in this industry, it’s not easy at all. Motivation is vital.

ZA: What is the biggest hurdle for you right now and what do you plan to do to overcome it?

Raheel: One: People are constantly judging, it’s difficult to keep going. Two: Funding my art. I’ll overcome the first by just reminding myself that ultimately I’m doing this for myself. I don’t want your validation. Regarding funds, I’ll work and apply for creative funds for now.

ZA: What is your dream venue to play?

Raheel: I really want to go to New York, Madison Square Garden. It just seems lit.

ZA: How do you define success and what is your biggest achievement so far?

Raheel: Success is just doing what makes you happy. My biggest achievement is starting to believe in myself.

ZA: What’s a message or feeling that you want your listeners to take away from your music?

Raheel: I want people to feel my music. If you relate you relate. Yeah, just vibe to it I guess.