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  • Nicole N.

[REVIEW] Alisha Asare - We Were There Once

"Tell me life is wonderful, and maybe I'll string along"

Glasgow-based artist Alisha Asare dropped her debut single "We Were There Once" on May 20th, 2022, and I can't get enough of it. Many people shared their support through Instagram for the artist's first single, showing the strong support system built around her.

The lyrics capture a one-sided love where the girl is left feeling hopeless after failed attempts of getting the attention of her lover. After listening, you're left thinking that the lover purposely wants to be the one who got away. The beat derives from Gold’s House, a producer who creates tracks inspired by different artists in mind, and uploads them onto YouTube. From Alisha’s runs during the intro, to the fuller parts of the chorus, her voice along with the instrumental makes the perfect pair.

“There's other things that I can do that ain't loving you,

Do you ever dwell in that paradise too?"

The twangy synth in the pre-chorus makes a great breakpoint from the weight of the song before the vocals comes back in full force for the chorus. The single itself exudes expensive, rich, black girl energy. Expensive from the sounds of the chords, and rich from the colour of her voice.

Alisha shared that the lyrics were originally written in the beginning of 2021 when she was just 16 years old, but that the track had only been mixed and finalised last month in April. Despite the long 15-month process, the maturity of an older Alisha Asare in “We Were There Once” is most definitely evident.

As warm summer nights are approaching, this single holds an essence that is irreplaceable in your playlists; for when you want to unwind with a bottle of wine, and reminisce of what there once was. Alisha Asare is definitely someone to look out for in the future!

“We Were There Once” is available now on all streaming platforms